The dental clinic provides construction of all types of prosthetics, with an emphasis on non-metal crowns and bridges, prosthetic implants for toothless jaws with 4 implants, All-on-four, and all types of dentures.



The clinic offers services in fabricating all types of prosthetics focussing on non-metal porcelain crowns and bridges, prosthetics on implants, prosthetics for toothless jaws on 4 implants All–on–four and all types of prosthesis. We do all types of prosthetic works just like they are done in the best dental clinics in the world.

Our work features quality production, aesthetics and functionality. With an SMILE MAKE OVER, i.e. with a series of various procedures, often combining veneers, crowns, bridges, correction of shape using composites or chips we can change your smile completely, i.e. create a harmonious, beautiful and natural looking smile.

CAD/CAM NON-METAL PROSTHETICS are these days replacing metal-porcelain crowns and bridges more and more. These prosthetics are created using a computerised system in laboratories using several different materials which we choose depending on the affect we wish to achieve: aesthetics, transparency or firmness:

  • zircon
  • E-Max
  • glass / porcelain

The advantages of computerised non-metal prosthetics are:

  • they contain no metal
  • high level of aesthetics
  • precision in production
  • bio-compatible

PROVISIONAL CROWNS & BRIDGES patients get timmediately after preparation is completed or old prosthetics are removedfacilitating normal functioning for a period of 5 – 7 days as long as isrequired to produce permanent ones.

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braces prosthetics
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