Dental Estetic studio dental office is an implant-prosthetic center where all surgical procedures are performed by an oral surgery specialist with many years of experience.

The collaboration with Dr. Knego and our oral surgeon lasts for the past 8 years with may successfully completed procedures. We perform all types of surgical procedures that are performed around the world, from regular tooth extraction where we strive to keep the maximum while maintaining a resistant bone and gingiva, which is very important for future procedures; up to alectomy, cystectomy, apicectomy, implants, sinus lifting and bone augmentation. All procedures are performed with local anesthesia and are completely painless. Precise tooth extraction with minimal bone trauma is of an utmost importance for a future implant, bridge, therefore, it is very important to have an experienced person taking your tooth out.

When it comes to dental implants, we use only the implants with proven top quality, such as Nobel, Mis Implants, and Shutz Dental. Our oral surgeon was a mentor for all of these implants. As oral surgery continues to move forward, we try to keep up with all the world’s trends and innovations, and are very successful in doing so.

Sinus lifting and bone augmentation is performed on a daily basis, and our patients should not be scared as they are completely painless and are performed safely and precisely without any risk for the patient.  These procedures are necessary and inevitable in situations where we need to place a dental implant and do not have sufficient height or bone volume.

Recovery after such procedures has drastically improved as we have introduced the latest method for faster tissue healing – PRGF-Endoret (Plasma Rich Growth Factors), which is used in all branches of medicine, and its application has also been found in oral surgery. We have very good results after oral surgery procedures with reduced pain, as well as reduced possible swelling. The biggest advantage of plasma rich growth factors is that it is 100% biocompatible and it is a product of our own blood, which can be ready to be used in just couple of minutes. All that needs to be done is draw out a bit of blood and place it in a special equipment that uses centrifuge to separate the blood and obtain a plasma rich in growth factors.

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