The orthopan represents a panoramic image of both jaws that shows all the teeth and anatomical structures high above the teeth, and are one of the major diagnostic methods and are unavoidable when examining a patient for a first time, if we want to provide a patient with the most detailed and accurate opinion.

Our Dental Estetic Studio office in Zagreb has the latest orthopan technology where you can quickly and safely get an image during your first exam. The imaging lasts only few seconds and you can get everything in one place. We provide you with your digital image on a CD, so you can store it and use it whenever you need it, while we keep a copy with your records.

The main advantage of this new generation orthopan is that it has drastically less radiation than the previous orthopan, which is very important for the patient.

Such imaging allows us to have a detailed insight in all anatomic structures, which helps as provide a better diagnosis.

Orhopan is indispensable in all branches of dentistry, and it is very difficult to implement a therapy without it. With the use of orthopan, the latest advances in dentistry, particularly oral surgery, allows us to perform orthopedic analysis of the bone, where we can analyze the bone dentistry, measure the distance from the sinus, close proximity to the nerve, increase all structures and plan for future implant placement.

RVG – digital radiovisiography allows capturing of each individual tooth and gives the most detailed image of the tooth in a large increase. In this way, we can early detect an inflammation and bone condition. With such imaging, the radiation is reduced when compared to the classical x-ray imaging. An image is captured by an intraoral sensor, and showed on a computer monitor, which allows us the analyze everything to the smallest detail.

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