When in upper or lower jaw there is no teeth, it can be made with ALL ON 4/ALL ON 6 CONCEPT – 4 or 6 implants with screw-fixed bridges.

In All on 4 concept first we need to put 4 implants, and in All on 6 concept 6 implants. After implantation, the same day, impressions are taken and patient in 24 hours gets temporary bridge fixed with screws on implants, which is one of the main benefit of this system. After 4 months (which is the necessary time for implants healing – osseointegration) permanent bridge on implants is made. New bridge is made from high quality composite material, which compensate the bone loss, gums nad teeth. With permanent bridge perfect aesthetics is achieved. Very important feature is that this procedure can be made at patients who have not enough bone, while implants are put into the front region of the upper or lower jaw, where is no danger to hurt n.mandibularis or maxillary sinus. It is also important to say it can be serviced if necessary in the future.

Benefits of All on 4/All on 6 concept:

– fixed prosthetic construction which patients feel like their own teeth
– fixed bridge on implants patient gets in 24 hours from procedure
– possibility of service if it will be necessary
– there is no discomfort like when overdenture is in mouth, inflammation of the gums, blisters…
– natural aesthetics is made
– facilitated function of chewing and speech
– very secure procedure.

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