Orthodontics at the Dental Estetic Studio is done with 4 types of aesthetic dental braces, which are the characteristics of the clinic that uses the most modern from the world of dentistry. Orthodontic therapy is nowadays performed in patients at every age, not just children. It is sometimes necessary for adults in order to perform prosthetic work with as little grinding as possible, or with shifted teeth due to periodontitis as part of therapy.

Orthodontic therapy is done with braces

-fixed braces with aesthetic transparent brackets

 – Orthocaps orthodontics with transparent aligners

– 3 SHAPE orthodontics with transparent aligners for milder cases

Incognito 3M fixed braces (from the inner side of the teeth)

– mobile braces of all types for children and adults

fixed braces with aesthetic transparent bracketse

correction of the teeth
braces fixed
Orthodontic before after
braces fixed teeth


Fixed orthodontic braces with aesthetic brackets are still the most effective, accurate and fastest way of orthodontic therapy. In addition to several other types of orthodontic therapies that are aesthetic or not, the fixed aesthetics orthodontic braces are still the most used for all serious cases, i.e. anomalies.

It is barely noticeable, and a patient quickly gets used to it after only a couple of days. The therapy with it is not painful, the patient feels a slight pressure for a couple of hours after it is first placed, but very slightly.

Fixed orthodontic braces are assembled directly in the mouth where sapphire or crystalline transparent brackets are glued on the teeth where a barely visible wire is placed as well. The procedure lasts for about an hour.

As a preparation, it is necessary to make an orthopan image of the teeth, which is something we have at the Dental Estetic Studio. We will take the prints at the office and make photos of the initial situation so that we can monitor the fixed orthodontic braces therapy flow.

We use only the best quality brackets from the world market, as well as all other materials. The fixed orthodontic braces therapy at the Dental Estetic Studio lasts 1-1,5 years, with follow-ups approximately every 6 weeks, while the therapy is exclusively monitored at the Dental Estetic Studio by professor Senka Meštrović, who is certainly one of the most prominent experts in orthodontics in Croatia.

Since the best final result of an orthodontic therapy is always a team work, the advantage of the Dental Estetic Studio is extremely high-quality experts, so that during the therapy, and after the therapy, Dr. Knego controls, and handles all the details that needs to be done on the anatomic, natural form of the teeth in order to achieve exceptional aesthetics with the fixed orthodontic braces in the end.

For children: fixed orthodontic braces are placed when the child has all, or almost all permanent teeth. This usually happens after the age of 12.

For adults: nowadays, the orthodontic therapy is performed at every age. It is often necessary for older people in pre-prosthetic therapy in order to be able to create prosthetics, or as a therapy for periodontitis.

At the Dental Estetic Studio dental office we guarantee full success of the agreed therapy.

Instructions for using the fixed orthodontic braces – INSTRUCTIONS


Invisible orthodontics is a computer-led orthodontics with high precision. It is made by clear alignments that a patient wears for 24 hours a day, except when he/she drinks, eats, or goes to an important meeting. That is why it is an ideal solution for people who are constantly active in the public and unable to wear a fixed orthodontic braces.

This system can be applied by all dentists in the world, which get a certificate after an education, and in such way, they become Orthocaps therapists. Invisalign is almost an identical American system that can also be used by dentists who do not have to be orthodontists.

“The decision on whether a given case can be treated with Orthocaps system is made at the company’s headquarters in Germany based on the models and photographs. The dentist also receives all instructions on treating a particular patient and can contact the base in Germany at any time if a problem arises. For the patient, it is very practical that the Orthocaps therapist who owns a certificate in his dental office can show visual simulation of his case with the help of a 3D program.”

Orthocaps transparent orthodontic braces are worn 24 hours a day, except when a patient and drinks everything except water, which does not color or destroy the transparent aligners. The transparent cover can be removed when a patient has an important obligation or is going out, which makes them an ideal solution for celebrities or people who occasionally need several hours without them on their teeth. They can be removed for an important meeting, which is a great advantage of these orthodontic systems that are also very comfortable to wear, and a person you are speaking to can barely notice that you have anything on your teeth. The “invisible” orthodontic therapy is applied for slightly mild orthodontic anomalies of the teeth and jaw positions, although the manufacturer’s experience has shown that it can be applied in 80 percent of orthodontic cases. However, despite the many advantages and excellent results, I would personally prefer to refer the more difficult cases to an orthodontist and classic therapy with aesthetic brackets, says Tatjana Knego. The orthodontic system with transparent aligners is ideal for recurrence cases, i.e. when there has been a repeated movement after classical orthodontics.


Do you want your orthodontic braces from the rear side of the teeth and not visible? Incognito is the ideal solution for you. The teeth are aligned in the correct position while the brackets are not visible.

Incognito is a fixed orthodontic brace with brackets made of gold alloy and are glued to the back side of the teeth, the so-called lingual orthodontics. The braces are completely invisible and easy to wear due to the position of the brackets.

Incognito brackets are made in 3M Unitek manufacturing in Germany, and in Croatia they are glued onto teeth by the orthodontics professor at the Dental Estetic Studio. It is necessary to make a print based on which the elements necessary for orthodontic treatment are individually made. Incognito brackets are made by special CAD/CAM technology, and are extremely precise and thin so that the patient barely feels them. The wire that connects the brackets is also connected by a computer system and adapted to each stage of therapy. The positioning and placement of Incognito brackets is done by using computer-generated templates quickly and easily.

The self-clean ability is much better due to the thinness and high polish of the Incognito brackets. Research has proven that this has reduced a possibility of cavities during the orthodontic therapy.

There are two versions of this system: Incognito and Incognito Lite. Incognito Lite is used for minor irregularities of the front teeth only.

The advantages of the Incognito braces compared to the classic, fixed braces are:

  • Completely INVISIBLE as the brackets are placed on the back side of the teeth
  • INDIVIDUALLY made brackets from gold alloy
  • Computer bended wires
  • COMFORTABLE to wear
  • Simple hygiene maintenance
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Negatively higher price as it is the most expensive type of orthodontics in the world


The prices of orthodontic braces depend on the type, i.e., whether it is mobile or fixed. The prices of mobile orthodontic braces are less than the prices of fixed orthodontic braces, but their indications are also limited. Also, the cost of a fixed orthodontic brace depends on the need for therapy. Dental Estetic Studio dental office in Zagreb uses the best quality, transparent clear brackets that are currently the leading products on the world market. High-quality clear brackets do not change their color during the therapy, which is something the patients are extremely satisfied with. They are aesthetically acceptable, so you can work with them in various social events.

The cost of the orthodontic braces with clear brackets is somewhat higher than the orthodontic braces with metal brackets. Since the clear brackets have reached high quality and aesthetic, the metal brackets are placed only per patient’s initiative.

Lingual orthodontic braces have the highest cost of all orthodontic braces, with a slightly lesser cost of Invisalign and Orthocaps. Fixed orthodontic braces are always the cheapest ones. Here at the Dental Estetic Sutio we use the Orthocaps system as it is extremely precise, aesthetically acceptable, and almost transparent and more and more sought after nowadays. As for the payment of orthodontic services, as well as other services, you can pay by cash or cards, as well as in installments.


The braces are used in orthodontics for correction of teeth position, dental arches and bites. Already at an early age of 7-9 years old, one should visit an orthodontist in order to determine whether there are any anomalies in the jaw and teeth development. If there are anomalies at that age, orthodontics can be very helpful in successfully correcting them in time. Orthodontics can prevent later unnecessary therapy with fixed orthodontic braces, tooth extraction and teeth anomalies. Orthodontic therapy uses mobile orthodontic braces, fixed orthodontic braces with aesthetics locks and invisible orthodontics (clear aligners – ORTHOCAPS).


Due to their aesthetics, the orthodontic braces can be used with adult patients that need orthodontic-periodontal or orthodontic therapy as preparation for prosthetics or prosthetic implant therapy.

Dental Estetic Studio dental office uses top quality clear brackets that achieve such natural look that are almost invisible – so called clear brackets. The results guarantee success. Dr. Knego reviews the overall situation after the orthodontics, after which she will recommend to the patient any necessary small makeovers or teeth whitening, should they be necessary. She devotes her time individually and puts in maximum effort for your appearance to be natural and perfect at the end of the orthodontic therapy.

 Placement of the orthodontic braces is not painful and requires only one visit, which is followed by regular monthly checkups every 6 weeks during the entire therapy.


Aesthetic orthodontic therapy is conducted with:

  • 1. fixed aesthetic orthodontic appliance with braces that have the same colour as teeth
  • 2. invisible orthodontic aligners ORTHOCAPS
  • 3. lingual orthodontic braces INCOGNITO 3M
  • 4. 3shape scanner – invisible aligners
  • 5. mobile orthodontic appliance


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