Being a clinic that has intensively been involved in aesthetic dentistry for over twenty years we support a holistic and healthy approach to dentistry, our fillings are exclusively of an aesthetic quality and do not contain any toxic matter. Our clinic is constantly propagating against amalgam fillings – or better recognized by patients as dark, grey metal fillings. So if any of our patients still have these we recommend to them that they have these replaced.

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Amalgam fillings are prohibited in many developed countries because they constantly release toxic mercury which is used in amalgam fillings.

Mercury Free Now,
Amalgam / Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity

While removing amalgam we take special care that it does not have a chance to enter your organism and if we notice several fillings of this type we recommend that patients undergo a heavy metal test and a subsequent antioxidant therapy. Modern composite aesthetic materials can absolutely replace amalgam. They have a better chemical connection to the tooth and their aesthetics make it appear as if the tooth was never repaired.

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Patients often ask: What if a large section of a pre-molar or molar is missing due to caries? 

Often it seems that an amalgam filling appears firmer? Healthy, bio-compatible holistic dentistry recommends porcelain inlays or onlays for these cases which is the best way to ensure quality, firmness and exceptional aesthetic substitute for that part of tooth that is missing. They are fabricated in laboratories based on a tooth impression taken at the clinic and bonded with special, transparent cement, the same color as the teeth. The advantage of inlays and onlays are a beautiful aesthetic and functional reconstructed tooth without additional abrasion except as much as is needed to remove the caries.


Modern dentistry and our know-how and exceptional materials allow us to heal a tooth in only a few days, our equipment and new computerized RVG X-ray system facilitates precision diagnostics and closing the healed tooth.


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