The dental office brings together at its new premises the top quality experts from all areas of dental medicine. Tatjana Knego

Dr. med. dent. Tatjana Knego has been working with implants and prosthetic on implants for over twenty years. She has been working with veneers for ten years and has been performing bleaching of different systems for more than fifteen years. Aesthetically and functionally complicated prosthetics and makeovers are her biggest challenge. Today, she is a member of the European Association of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. med. dent. Tatjana Knego had her first contact with cosmetic dentistry more than twenty years ago when, after completing the Dental Medicine University in Zagreb, she worked in Madrid, Spain, and then in one of the most famous clinics in Tuscany in Italy. At that time, she went through a number of educations in all areas of dentistry. When she returned to Croatia, she opened her dental clinic with ongoing education all over the world, while updating clinic equipment.

Senka Mestrović dentist Senka Meštrović Senka Meštrović graduated from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Dentistry in 1990. Soon after she completed her Master’s and doctoral degrees. In 1995, professor Meštrović specialized in orthodontics and became a professor at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Dentistry, thus becoming one of the most eminent specialists of orthodontics in Croatia.

Zoran Ivasocić oral surgeon Zoran Ivasović Zoran Ivasović graduated from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Dentistry in 1999. He finished his specialization in oral surgery in 2004. at the Dubrava Clinical Hospital in Zagreb. Dr. Ivasović is the mentor for the Nobel Biocare-Nobel implants and MIS implants, while educating other doctors in implantology. Doctors and patients declared Dr. Ivasović the best surgeon in Croatia for 2012. He has been successfully cooperated with dr. Knego for six years and together they have performed a large number of combinations of implants and prosthetic devices.

Ljiljana Hlupić Anti-Aging professional
Doc.dr. Ljiljana Hlupić

Doc.dr. Ljiljana Hlupić dr. med. is specialist of the European Institute for Scientific Aesthetics, and Anti-Aging medicine in Paris. With regular professional education and training in Paris, London and Geneva, she monitors and improves the newest methods of rejuvenation: dermal fillers, chemical peels and expert advises “How to stay young”. She works with dr. dent. Med. Tatjana Knego after teeth makeovers on rejuvenation of perioral areas and lower part of the face for nicer look and smiles of patients.

Dr. med. dent Rudi Stipić
Marija Maljak,
Petra Troha, dental assistant
Višnja Vasiljević, manager - administrator
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