The problem of inflamed gingiva which leads to paradentosis if not treated is one of the most frequent of modern illnesses. Since long ago it has been known that problems with inflammation of gingiva and the presence of bacteria can seriously impact the health of organisms as well as causing loss of teeth. This problem is being taken more seriously these days. Swelling, redness, bleeding of the gums is a sign of gingivitis, i.e. inflammation and if not treated it can lead to parandentosis, i.e. withdrawal of gingiva, loss of bone structure and in the end, loss of teeth.

Dental Estetic Studio’s dentists are permanently educating themselves and becoming familiar with the latest therapeutic possibilities and methods of healing for all types of gingivitis and parandentosis. Your dentist will locate the cause and level of the illness and recommend an appropriate treatment. Depending on the level, type and etiology of the illness, therapy can vary from mechanical cleansing plaque, i.e. ultra-sound cleaning of lime-scale, curettage of the gingiva and paradental pockets, testing for bacteria, medicamentosis therapy, surgery, etc.

The problems of withdrawn gingiva, i.e. recession of the gingiva in certain spots is resolved with a minor surgical procedure by closing the gaps by transplantation of the patients own mucosa or using a technique with membrane. The cause of this illness is manifold but most often, depending on the patient, a combination of several etiologies.

Proper and regular brushing and ultra-sound cleansing lime-scale are the fundamental pre-condition to prevent this illness from occurring. Cleaning lime-scale is recommended every 3-6 months and not just once a year and that is the least we can do to keep our teeth healthy as by removing built-up we remove any germs that may have accumulated and in that way we prevent inflammation and withdrawn gingiva.

Basic mistakes we come across in patients:

  • insufficient and incorrect brushing
  • insufficiently brushing their teeth or not at all from the inside of the mouth
  • too firm, too intensive, too frequent teeth brushing which pushes the gingiva
  • if gums begin to bleed, patients stop brushing their teeth, instead they should massage and continue to brush the gingiva and the bleeding will stop in a few days
  • never clean lime-scale or not frequently enough
  • belief that inflammation, swelling, redness, bleeding of the gums is not a serious problem and affect to the general health of the teeth and organism.

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