gummy smile - korekcija osmijeha


If there is too much dental flesh visible and the aesthetic of your smile is disturbed, we can solve this by relaxing the lip muscle.

The problem we often encounter in patients’ mouth is the so-called “gummy smile”, which shows the teeth of the upper jaw, but also a large part of the gum is visible too.

Gummy smile can be solved in several ways:

1.By relaxing the lip muscle, the lip will not lift as high

2.With a gummy-smile, sometimes it is necessary to also lift the gingiva a bit over the teeth i.e. extend the teeth, which is done by electrocauter or laser and anesthetic. In couple of days you will no longer be able to see that any work has been done.

3.There is also a gummy-smile when the teeth are very short and small and it is necessary to increase them. We then use a surgical method that lifts the clinic grown of the teeth.

Gummy-smile correction is fast, painless, and the results are extremely successful. Dental Estetic Studio dental office located in the Zagreb city center performs all three methods.

Gummy smile procedures at our dental office is performed by professional staff with top-notch and long-lasting experience. The goal we are trying to achieve is a beautiful and natural smile for our, and patients satisfaction.