At the Dental Estetic Studio dental office we can offer you the latest PRF with which:

1)we create your own cartridge that will compensate for the bone loss – autotransplant, which allows a quick recuperation of the operated area

2)rejuvenation of the face, neck and neckline

PRF (“platelet rich fibrin”) is an abbreviation for platelets enriched with fibrin obtained from patient’s blood, and it is used in implantology, oral surgery, periodontology and aesthetic medicine for natural recovery of damaged tissues. Thrombocytes-enriched fibrin stimulates and accelerates the healing process and tissue regeneration.

The procedure:

It is necessary to remove a small amount of patient’s blood and place it in a special centrifuge device. The centrifuge process last only 8 minutes, where red blood cells are removed and only PLASMA ENRHICHED WITH FIBRIN remains that we use.

2 types of procedures that are applied:

  1. A-PRF, which gives fibrin cloth rich with thrombocytes that can be used in most surgical and periodontological procedures such as sinus lifting, implant placement, tooth extraction, bone and soft tissue augmentation.
  2. I-PRF- which gives a liquid ready for injection into necessary areas. The liquid form is used particularly in facial aesthetic, but also in dental gum restoration. In the anti-aging treatment and facial rejuvenation area, it is used as the latest, safest and most effective solution in delaying the aging process. We can provide a facial rejuvenation treatment that is fast and painless under the guidance of our doctor who specializes in anti-aging. This technique stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen and elastin secretion, which increases the consistency and tension, and reduces the skin relaxation and ensures better hydration.

This system represents a revolution in dental medicine as we can now offer solutions that are minimally invasive, safe and predictable, while guaranteeing a therapy success. There are numerous papers that confirm the efficiency of PRF in oral surgery, aesthetic surgery and facial aesthetic.

It is used in oral surgery and aesthetic medicine because:

-it increases the success of implant therapy

-for faster wound healing

-it recovers the missing tissue

-reduces the pain and risk of infection after surgery

-reduces edema

-makes the recovery after the procedure more easy and painless, it is also used for mesotherpay and filling of shallow wrinkles instead of dermal fillers, and for improving the overall skin quality.

PRF advantages:

– 100% biocompatible

– safe

– simple

– quick

– painless

– rejuvenates subcutaneously, and the skin itself.