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If you really want beautiful, natural lips, doc.dr. Ljiljana Hlupić will do exactly what you want!

hyaluronal filers
increased lips before and after

augmentation of the lips

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic filler is a procedure we have been performing for 6 years. The office is specialized for aesthetic of teeth, smile and injectable aesthetic facial medicine. Doc.dr. Ljiljana Hlupić, one of the specialists at the Dental Estetic Studio is a major expert in non-invasive aesthetic medicine and anti-aging treatments, and beautiful and moderately made and corrected lips are her specialty.

What is important when filling your lips with a hyaluronic filler:

1) great expertise, precision and sense for aesthetic of the doctor

2) several application techniques in the 1 procedure that lead to ideal i.e. harmonious lips

3) moderation of the amount of filler applied

4) type of filler – properly selected

What properly and beautifully enhanced lips by hyaluronic filler should look like:

– IDEAL LIPS – when they have full upper and lower lip in proportion with clearly defined and slightly enhanced edge.

When increasing the volume of the lips, it is important to pay attention to CLEAR DEFINITION of the lips, with harmonic SIMMETRY of the upper and lower lip, as well as the fact that the slight BOOST OF THE EDGE of the lip significantly rejuvenates and increases the attractiveness of the face. Filling, i.e. lip augmentation with hyaluronic filler must always be in harmony with the physiognomy of the patient’s face and personality.

In addition to her aesthetic knowledge and practice acquired by completing the specialization of the American Academy for Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Hlupić also has a longstanding experience based on numerous aesthetic treatments (mostly lip augmentation), on numerous faces whose basic requirement was to achieve natural and profuse results for which no one would suspect were achieved by aesthetic treatment. Dr. Hlupić knows how to inject the filler to get full but natural lips to get the natural result without the danger of getting the “duck-like” mouth or “sausage-like” mouth.

In addition to proper injection of the fill, knowledge, experience and skills necessary for this precision, when filling the lips with hyaluronic filler one must also consider a number of other factors: from facial anatomy and physiology to the skin condition and type of filler used, how it acts in the lip tissue. All of this is important in order to give the patient exactly what is expected. Adequate fullness, shape and result of light rejuvenation.

If patient desires only to remove the lines (wrinkles) and collection (dry look) of the lips, Dr. Hlupić will rejuvenate your lips and fill them up to the size you want, or as you had when you were younger.

Lip rejuvenation with hyaluronic filaments will rejuvenate the face of men, as well as the facial skin if it is treated with hyaluronic.

So, if you really want beautiful, but natural lips, doc.dr. Ljiljana Hlupić at the Dental Estetic Studio will do exactly what you want!





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