• BECAUSE we are not directed to massive dentistry but rather an individual, personal touch and pay attention to each detail on your tooth.
  • BECAUSE the most complicated prosthetic works, tooth reconstruction, orthodontic anomalies are not a problem for us but a challenge.
  • BECAUSE prosthetic works in our clinic are conducted exclusively by Dr. Knego who has many years of experience and working with non-metal procedures demands a great deal of experience.
  • BECAUSE surgical procedures and orthodontic works are conducted by exceptional specialists.
  • BECAUSE we use the latest materials and technology used in the world when they appear on the market.
  • BECAUSE we will try and conduct with no pain and you do not have to go without teeth while the procedure is being conducted and you will have temporary crowns or prosthetics.
  • BECAUSE we care for every tooth before we decide to extract.
  • BECAUSE we try to achieve a maximum aesthetic appearance and give a natural look.
  • BECAUSE our prices include all the extra support activities during procedures (anaesthesia, planning, mock-up and forecast of future situation, cementing, provisional crowns and veneers, etc.) which in many other clinics incurs additional costs.